Firriato Hospitality

The Wineries

A visit to the winery on the Cavanera estate, where the Cavanera Wine Resort is located, offers the chance to take a journey back in time for all travellers in search of an authentic experience.

The present building originates from the 17th century. The small mountain communities that lived on the slopes of the volcano built small palmentos for making wine. From 1600 to today, the Cavanera Etnea palmento has endured the test of time and more importantly the devastating wrath of the volcano. It appears now, to the eyes of our visitors, as a perfect symbol of the rural economy of the day.

The time passed gives, therefore, further confirmation that the Etna vineyard has always been an essential component of the local economy.

The cultivation of Etna’s native varieties like Nerello Mascalese and Cappuccio or Carricante and Catarratto confirms, once again, the grapes’ excellence and extraordinary quality. Some of Firriato’s most famous labels, and without a doubt those which best represent the current production of Etna DOC wines, are vinified at the Cavanera winery. The white and red “Sabbie dell’Etna represent timeless classics among the historic Firriato labels, while Cavanera in its two variations Rovo delle Coturnie and Ripa di Scorciavacca merit their own separate discussion.

For these two champions of the Firriato range, a visit to the Etna winery seems necessary. They are a pair of oenological pearls that, from this small winery on Etna, take flight destined for the most demanding and advanced international markets.

But a visit to the winery also harbours a rarity that comes directly from the pre-phylloxera vineyard. Grapes from these century-old vines give life to a wine which is jealously guarded behind the lava stone walls of the Etna winery. Only guests of the Cavanera Etnea will have the opportunity to see the small, French oak barrels that contain this nectar destined for only the most demanding and refined wine-lovers.