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Wine Tastings

Wine tastings here on Etna are a fundamental component for understanding the great passion the Di Gaetano family harbours for the volcano. ‘A Muntagna (the mountain), interpreted according to Firriato’s method, has its key factors in the richness and complexity of the volcanic terroir.

It is an environment able to offer a complete and unique production: great red and white wines and elegant sparkling wines—conceived according to the rules of oenological excellence and in respect of the area.

Wine tastings here on Etna are a totally absorbing experience starting out from the environment in which they take place. The stone tasting room faces onto the antique palmento where it is possible to admire the entire mechanism of the antique press, with its vats and drainage channels, from above.

The oeno-sensory tasting which Firriato offers here, at Cavanera, starts with wines from Etna but can also touch on wines that are brought to life in other Firriato estates. The wine tasting options are vast and varied with the option to carry out tastings pairing wine with local produce, or vertical tastings with different vintages of the company’s top wines. At Cavanera, both the enthusiastic expert as well as those who are entering the world of Bacchus for the first time will find a speaker capable of adequately explaining and presenting Firriato wines and the features of each individual label.

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It is possible to alert us to any dietary intolerances or allergies when booking your tasting at Cavanera.

Booking is required and the number of participants and the time must be confirmed by the company.

Wine tastings for under-16s is not permitted.

The general terms of service, times, and terms of participation for our wine tastings at Cavanera are listed in the Terms and Conditions. We advise you to read these carefully in order to make the most appropriate choice to match your expectations.