Firriato Hospitality

Wine classes

For a complete and captivating sensorial experience at the Cavanera Wine Resort, you have the opportunity to take part in Etna Wine classes. Enveloped in the magnetic silence of the volcano, in a rarefied atmosphere which invites absolute concentration of the senses, guests who participate in the Etna wine classes will be received in the elegant tasting room within the 17th century building surrounded by the terraced vineyards on the slopes of the Etna volcano. Taking part in the wine classes on Etna is a unique opportunity to discover or deepen your knowledge of an extraordinary terroir—a place where for many centuries intensely mineral wine has been produced, wine with intense olfactory notes and a strong territorial identity.

It is journey in search of the scents of the volcano with Etna DOC wines, all accompanied by the experienced notes on tasting from the Firriato wine house oenologist. The programme for the Etna wine classes includes: a complete visit to the winery and wine cellar, with an explanation of all the production processes; a guided tour of the Carricante and Catarratto vineyards, and a visit to the pre-phylloxera vineyard which will take guests on a journey through time and excite viticulture experts and enthusiasts. The tasting will focus on 5 wines which are conceived on the Cavanera Estate, two whites, two reds and a classic method sparkling wine all produced with complete and utmost respect for the Etna DOC regulations.

The Firriato oenologist is available to carry out a mini wine tasting course. The course will give an explanation of the production techniques involved in every single wine, a complete description of the wines being tasted and the characteristics of the soil at the Cavanera estate.