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Wine tour

The first introduction to the Cavanera Estate is with Etna’s nature, it’s enchanting—the beauty of the surrounding landscape is stunning on the eye. Etna is, in fact, a land where everything goes beyond all limits, surpassing all imagination.

The 11 hectares of vineyard, cultivated by the heroes of Firriato, are nestled on two large terraces. The ampelographic heritage is a traditional one: Nerello Mascalese, Nerello Cappuccio, Carricante and Minnella are the main varieties on the volcano. It is here that the famous Etna DOC wines are born: Cavanera Ripa di Scorciavacca and Cavanera Rovo delle Coturnie, and the prodigious Gaudensius, a classic method sparkling wine from nerello mascalese grapes picked before their natural ripening. The Wine Tour at Cavenera is a real, true journey of discovery into the Etna universe. It starts out with natural peculiarities, continues with anthropological particularities and finishes off with everything that the volcano represents to Firriato today. Climbing up the road which runs alongside the Estate’s main vineyard you arrive at its highest point. From here it is possible to see the stratigraphic sequencing of the Etna soil, understanding its formation through the various successions of bodies of rock that have occurred over time.

From a geological point of view Etna is a very young area, and by stopping here and looking out towards the small town of Malvagna on the horizon, you will realise how much this affects the fertility of the land. This land’s mineral content is immense and is easily accessed by the plants’ roots. The tour continues in the one-hundred-year-old vineyard, where it is possible to admire real, true sculptures of nature and watch the jobs being carried out in the vineyard, understanding the value of the agricultural cultivation work performed during the period of the year in which you take the tour. During grape harvest time, which continues all the way to the start of October here, it will be possible to try the grapes directly from the plant, a privilege granted to just to the resort’s guests. The Cavanera estate is, from every point of view, independent. This is because such a high quality raw product as that produced in this estate has to be vinified immediately in order to preserve its organoleptic integrity. The tour, in fact, continues in the winery, where all the wine-making processes of the Firriato wines from the Volcano will be illustrated. These processes conclude with a real treat: the vault where the bottles of Gaudensius rest on their special pupitre racks.

The wine tour concludes inside the body of the main house, where it is possible to admire the antique palmento with its stone vats and wooden mechanisms, where important chapters in Etna’s wine-making history have been written.