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The Cavanera Wine Resort & Wine Experience on Etna is the ideal location to get acquainted with the world of Firriato.

Here you can enjoy our Wine Experience, made of customized Wine Tastings, deepen your wine knowledge with our Wine Class, visit our winery and our ancient “palmento“, have fun with the Wine Tour and, why not, to savor the thrill of work in the vineyard harvesting with us.

The estate in Contrada Verzella is one the symbols of the viticulture practised by the Di Gaetano family, because in one single location we find high level manifestations of the concepts of terroir, identity, and quality around which the Firriato wine-making method rotates.

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Wine classes

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Wine Tastings

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Vinzia and Salvatore Di Gaetano have chosen Etna as the right solution for a mountainside viticulture project, giving life to top quality wines capable of increasing the production value of this Sicilian wine house. Each agricultural location of the six Firriato estates offers its own list of characteristics: vine variety, soil, orientation, and sunlight received, which distinguishes it from the others and corresponds to a specific type of vineyard management. For Firriato, therefore, there is no such thing as merely the vineyard, but instead every single plant that comprises it, in a specific context. Cavanera on Etna expresses all this. Nature on the volcano is so abundant that it requires a precise form of viticulture. This form of viticulture already achieves in the vineyard the complexity and elegance which have come to define the Firriato wine style.

The wine experience on Etna means understanding a wine’s identity, the determinant value of the vines’ sun exposure and soil characteristics and mineral content.

The wine experience on Etna means discovering a century-old vineyard and understanding its greatness and importance for Sicilian viticulture.

The Wine Experience on Etna means seeing the small trees from up close and admiring their natural sculptures, imprinted with a  multitude of information regarding the climate trends, the passing years, and what every single plant has seen and lived through

An oenological design containing elements able to enhance and intensify the features of each individual vine variety, planted in specific soil conditions and well-defined terroirs, forms the basis for Firriato’s production philosophy. It is a philosophy that, in just a few years, has become an unmistakeable sign of a style which has led to the creation of wines with strong flavour profiles. These wines are recognisable from the first sip, have received critics’ awards and are adored by wine-lovers the world over.

The wine experience offered at Cavanera opens the doors to this method of appreciating high quality wine coming from a location with unique characteristics.