Firriato Hospitality

Wine Bar

The Etna Wine Bar in the Cavanera Etnea Resort & Wine Experience is an intimate and refined location within the accommodation complex, between the terraced vineyards and the seventeenth-century palmento. Like every part of this resort the Etna Wine Bar offers its guests the sense of being in a fine yet cosy environment, created in the convivial Sicilian style of old. Wine lovers will have the opportunity to choose whether to sip their glasses of wine from the Firriato range inside the Etna Wine Bar or outside among the vineyards and centuries-old trees which are characteristic of the volcanic flora. The Etna Wine Bar guests can enjoy a unique sensory experience, tasting the wines among the vineyards whilst looking up at the perpetually white summit of the Etna Volcano.

The Firriato sommeliers will take care of serving guests listening to their tastes and their needs, but especially, for those who want it, they can give technical descriptions of the characteristics of the vine varieties used in each label and the organoleptic features of their places of origin. Inside the Etna Wine Bar you can experience different oenological journeys ranging from wines produced at Cavanera Etnea to wines from the western coast of Sicily.

The bottle display has been carefully considered to offer clients a complete picture of the Firriato range. Divided into different types and areas of origin, the Firriato labels are displayed according to the company’s philosophy dedicated to enhancing the uniqueness of every single terroir. The Etna Wine Bar is the ideal place to spend a convivial evening with friends, sharing the pleasure of an exclusive location with wines that have greatly contributed to the revival of Sicilian oenology in the world.

For guests who wish to finish off the evening with stronger alcoholic flavours, they can also try a selection of Firriato grappa.