Firriato Hospitality

The Ancient Palmento

At Cavanera Etnea, Mount Etna, with its white summit, stands in all its majesty. The black, terraced terrain of the ancient lava flows contrasts with the green of the woods and the pastel colour of the old main house, which the Di Gaetano family have restored back to its original splendour. The Cavanera Etnea Resort& Wine Experience unites all this magic in one enchanting location, immersed in the natural splendour that is Mount Etna.

At Cavanera Etnea, you take a step back in time thanks to the elegant restoration of the antique building, reliving the memories and rituals of Etna’s cultural heritage through the rhythms and tempos set by Etna’s wine production—discovering the reasons why this habitat makes for such a unique terroir. The Di Gaetano family have found the right location for their mountainside viticulture project here, giving life to top quality wines. These wines enhance the production value of a business that, from the outset, has always been concerned with producing quality.

At Cavanera Etnea, we are within the extraordinarily beautiful Etna landscape. The volcano’s summit dominates the panorama.

Turning your gaze eastwards you will see the Peloritani mountain range in the province of Messina, with the basalt rocks of the Alcantara Gorge and, just beyond, the splendid town of Taormina.

Here, at Cavanera Etnea, you will discover a place to be experienced. A place that illustrates the strong link the Di Gaetano family have with Etna. The family harnesses the power of nature through their scrupulous mountainside viticulture, bringing the features and oenological value of such a unique and unusual area to the glass. It is the ideal place to create a 360 degree experience in the sensorial universe of Firriato wine, starting with those wines that are brought to life, here, in this enchanting landscape